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Best Minecraft Server


The Best Minecraft Servers

The Minecraft community is huge, with millions of players around the world. If you’re looking for a place to play, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of the best Minecraft servers on the internet today. These servers are all user-friendly and will help you build your own virtual world wherever you go. Whether it’s on your phone or computer, these servers are designed to run smoothly on both modern operating systems and older hardware as well. All of them have been tested for bugs and glitches before being added to our article, making sure that they are safe for all players.


Bellscord Minecraft

If you’re looking for a server that’s not just for playing with friends and family, but for building a business from, then Bellscord Minecraft is a good place to start. This is a free-to-play server that has been built for literally having fun and anyone can join. It features a lot of fun features which can all be found in-game including an economy, shop, auction house, teleports, claiming systems, jobs and more… The best thing about Bellscord server is that it supports backward compatibility with older versions of Minecraft down to version 1.7

Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

A multiplayer server is where multiple players can join together and create their own virtual world together. This is often a quick and easy way for players to get together and create small communities of friends to explore their favorite game together. While nearly all of the best Minecraft multiplayer servers mentioned below are for PC, you may also be able to find a server that’s compatible with your phone or tablet. Multiplayer servers are ideal for groups of friends and family looking to play together on a large map together. You can find lots of great multiplayer servers to play Minecraft on your own. However, many of them aren’t designed to run smoothly on modern computers. When on a multiplayer server, you’ll want to make sure that every computer in your group has the latest version of Minecraft and as little lag as possible. This can be difficult, but fortunately you have a few options for finding a good multiplayer server for Minecraft.



If you want to find a large, friendly community to play with, FMPONE is a good place to start. This massive Minecraft server boasts more than 5 million players and is one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world. On this server, you’re sure to find lots of friends to play with. The server is designed to run smoothly on all types of computers and has excellent search functionality, so you can easily find friends to play with too. You can get a premium account on FMPONE for just $5 / €5 / £5 per month. This will give you access to the complete FMPONE world with lots of powerful features and tools. You can use the FMPONE world as a practice world before you get into the real world, or you can use it to build your own community and even create your own games based on the Minecraft popular game.


mcMMO might be a strange choice for a virtual world, but it’s proven to be a very useful tool for creating anything from a small community to a massive online world. This particular Minecraft server allows you to create mcmMO (or Minecraft Management Objects) that you can use to manage players and their accounts. You can use these to create a community where everyone plays together, or you can use them to create a massive online world for people to explore. It’s easy to use and has a wide variety of settings that you can tweak to create the perfect gameplay experience for your players too. The server can be used on both PC and Mac and has an active community with lots of helpful people to help you get started.



If you’re looking for an easy way to play with friends and family, MiniGamesMC is a good option. This is one of the oldest Minecraft servers around, having been around since 2010! However, with so many players still joining this server, it’s still one of the most popular choices for a Minecraft multiplayer server. MiniGamesMC has been developed to be easy for new players to understand and get into. There’s no confusing interface that you need to learn how to use, so you can join the server and start playing right away. It’s designed to be accessible to all kinds of players and can run on both PC and Mac. The server is free to play on, so it doesn’t cost anything to join and play. There’s also a free economy where players can sell and buy items for in-game currencies.



If you’re looking for a modern, reliable Minecraft multiplayer server, then TsMCamongstus is a good option. This is a reliable, user-friendly server that’s been around for a few years now. Since it’s been around for a while, there are plenty of players still using it to play on. You can join the server using either your phone’s internet connection or by using a Wi-Fi connection. The server supports a variety of different languages, so you can join it in whichever language you prefer. It’s designed to be well optimised and is compatible with a variety of different hardware specifications. It’s also been well tested for bugs and glitches, so it runs smoothly for all players.



A good Minecraft server allows you to play with your friends and family without worrying about lag or lag spikes. Modern computers usually have enough resources to run the server without being affected by lag. However, there are some older computers that simply can’t handle the load of a server, making them unplayable. Finding a server that’s compatible with your old computer can be difficult, but it’s worth checking out. Some of the best Minecraft servers are designed for older computers and operating systems, allowing you to play on a wide variety of devices. This list includes both free and premium servers, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

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