The Best Minecraft Server

Type: Survival
Description: Claim, Economy, Survival, PvP, ShopGui, Authentication
Mode: Online/Offline players can authenticate.
Software: Java
Version: 1.19.2 (Supports backward compatibility with older versions of Minecraft up to v1.7)
System: Spigot
Server IP:

The Best Minecraft Server


Additional Information

Bellscord is rated the Best Minecraft Server because it’s fully compatible with non-mojang accounts and older Minecraft clients up to v1.7. It also runs on a powerful dedicated server, which means ZERO lag and 99.9% uptime garanteed.

The Minecraft Server supports backward and new clients compatibility, which means that users with an older and newer Java version can now connect.

The server uses an Authentication plugin to allow online and offline players to authenticate and play, meaning accounts does NOT need to go through Mojang’s authentication, therefore once you get in-game, type /register and thereafter /login to proceed and this is also to prevent users from spoofing legit mojang user’s IDs.

Server uses a live-map to show player location, health, bases, claims and more. This feature can also be turned off,
check out live-map.

Auction house items also now displays on the discord channel auction-house Any items added in-game will also be displayed on the Discord Server.

live-info is a relay of what’s going on in-game, join, quit, death messages, achievements etc can all be seen inside live-info channel.

Administrators & Moderators:
In-game activity such as hacking and chat can be monitored from the Discord channel staff section directly and punishments can
be executed from there as well.